Question: President put out a survey.

I am the President of our district's PTO and was recently attacked at a meeting from one parent, our ex-Treasurer of 5 years (with 2 year by-law terms) for putting out a survey to parents without getting permission from the board and members, more importantly, herself. The questions included what their favorite events were, reasons for low attendance to meetings, things they'd like to see improved, etc. As President under Roberts Rules, should I have had to ask permission to do this? Not even our Superintendent is sure- so please advise. THANK YOU!!!

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Rockne writes:
There's a difference between "can I" and should I. Did you commit some major offense by sending out a survey? No. But is that the kind of thing that's probably better doen with input from your fellow leaders? Yes. Perhaps that's where the bad feelings are coming from. Tim

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