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I am currently the PTO President at our elementary school. Since our entire board will be new next year I was thinking of creating a new "as needed" position for a President Emeritus. What would be the duties of this position? I have seen a lot of "non - voting" references for this position. I still have a child in the school system for another year so I'm not sure what the "non-voting" would consist of?

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Liz L writes:
It's great that you still want to be part of things! To create the position, you'd want to talk about it with the other board members and have a vote, and then add it to your bylaws. In terms of what the position would entail, in our experience a president emeritus acts as a "historian" and advisor as a new board gets up to speed.
As for voting -- if you have a student at the school, you're still eligible to vote if the entire body is taking a vote, of course, but not at board meetings.
Good luck! Liz at PTO Today

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