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we are trying to get the pto started at the new charter school may more than one family member be voted onto the pto board

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
That's a question for your bylaws committee. One solution I've seen is to allow family members on board but not both on check-signing roles. Example: if you have a two-signer rule for checks, and that's the treasurer and the president, then family members couldn't hold those two roles at same time. Similarly, if you have an annual audit committee, I've seen bylaws that state family members of check signers can't be on the audit committee. Tim

Community Advice

katiegirl writes:
At my daughter's school here in Iowa the whole board members are family members and as parents to the school were the ones who voted them on the board and this is my 4th year here at the school and we've had the same members since we've been here and there has never been a problem. The teachers even had a say when we voted and the pto here has been great always planning diffrent things for the kidz and always coming up with diffrent ideas for the classes like who brings in the most for this and that and always opened for new ideas we have a pto meeting once a month and it has been great.

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