Question: decorating for fall festival

we got the bean bag booth and we need ideas on how to decorate,help

Asked by sylvia511



Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
Cool beans! ha. Does your carnival have a theme? You could start there to draw up ideas to go along with it, or incorporate another like beach/luau, (volunteers with beach umbreallas, chairs, floppy hats) or an outer space theme, (volunteers dress up like aliens) rock n roll, pink flamingos, Hollywood. You could even center around a science (volunteers dress in lab jackets) or book/literature/movie theme (volunteers dress like Dr. Seuss or Harry Potter characters)-etc. you get the picture. Your school’s art teacher or a few student artists might be able to provide you with some inspiration, too. One more tip: If space permits, try designing a separate toss board (with easier = wider openings) and play area for smaller children. You don’t have use wood or a saw to make the bean bag board either. (A heavyweight/vinyl shower curtain liner, scissors, paint & stickers, a staple gun and two dowels and ta-da!) Have fun.

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