Question: PTO Votes

We sent home ballots to vote in a new treasurer. Our principal did not allow the PTO to count or see the votes. Can we call for a revote? Where can we get information on this?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Do you mean that someone was voted in and has taken office -- but nobody saw the votes other than the principal? If so, there's a cost-benefit to be considered, ie how disruptive it would be to tell that person she's not elected after all and to hold a new election. Chances are good it's not worth the divisiveness it would cause. In general, I'm in favor of holding elections at a general meeting and only allowing those who show up to vote. Allowing mailed-in ballots complicates the process a lot. The principal is probably concerned that the ballots will reveal who voted for which candidate, possibly causing a rift. If there are real questions about the election outcome, you might try explaining to the principal that the issue has become a problem -- as a way to convince her to let a neutral party review the ballots and verify the results.

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