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Our PTA executive board is full of bullies and they have manipulated the office for the past 6 years. They are nasty to parents, ignore us, laugh at us, just horrible! We have been trying to get into office and they have pulled out all the stops to make sure no one new gets on the board. Can our large parent population that does not want to be part of the PTA because of the horrible job they have done for the past 6 years all want to start a PTO. So, my question is can we start a PTO if the PTA remains in power at the school? And if we can do you have any tips on how to start this with the PTA being so hateful.

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Rockne writes:
Hi anon -

Technically, anyone could start a PTO or a PTA at any time. But I'm not sure that's the righ thing for your school. Two groups sort of "competing" with one another will create confusion in your school and likely make conflict and drama worse. It sure sounds frustrating, what you are experiencing. What does your principal think? Have the adults sat down and had a frank conversation on this stuff? Can a small group perhaps try to help organize some new effort at the school (even outside of the PTA), as opposed to creating a whole new group? My $0.02. Tim

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mommytwoboys writes:
The principal does absolutely nothing to better the is part of the problem actually. We are throwing around the idea of starting up a Parent Club such as a Booster Club...which has no affiliation to the PTA or a would be a fun "social" and fundraising club. What are your thoughts on that?

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mum24kids writes:
Starting a second group, whether you call it PTO, Booster club or anything else--still sets up a confusing situation for parents. Since you're a PTA, you're paying dues up to the local and/or state district and should call someone from there to help mediate. It sounds like you might have an issue with how your officers are elected. A few parents shouldn't be able to control who gets into office, especially if you have a large group who is opposed to what they are doing. This is the time of year when nominating committees get formed and elections get set up, so call your state's PTA office now and get them to help.

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