Question: Sharing Funds with Student Council

Ever since our school opened 7 years ago, the PTO has held a Catalog Fundraiser with all funds going towards the PTO. This year, we have a new Principal and he is saying we have to give Student Council a share of the funds since the students are selling the products for us. We have never done this in the past, and wonder if it is a PTO law, or something else he is going by.

Asked by heidimus214



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
No law, just his own preference. You might talk to him about why he wants you to share the profits. Does he want more funding for the student council? Is it an issue of fairness? Or does he just think sales might increase if the student council has a stake? By finding out his reasoning you can work toward a solution that serves your interest and addresses his concern as well.

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