Question: Fundraising profits

What is the school suppose to use the fundraiseing money for?

Asked by bangsavepto.nina



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Bangsavepto - There's really no one-size answer for that question. What's your group about? What does your school need help with? Do you have bylaws or a mission statement that help define your goals? (It's OK if you don't -- but might be something to think about.) For the most part most PTOs and PTAs are organized to help make their schools better places/great places for their kids to thrive. So from that start, you and your members try and make $$ decisions that can help with that goal. I hope there are dollars dedicated to growing parent involvement and serving families. Other common expenses include supporting teachers with learning supplies and perhaps funding or subsidizing field trips or in-school learning opps. Key question is: what does our school most need from usn right now? That question is different for each school each year. Tim

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