Question: Canceling Fundraiser

Our former PTO President signed us up for a fundraiser without anyone knowing about it. She quit today...go figure! What I need to know is there any way our school can get out of having to pay an almost $700 fee to the company that she signed a contract with???

Asked by jmakfa



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Probably, as long as the company hasn't delivered any services to you at this point. I'd recommend calling them and advising them of the situation, then sending a letter stating that you are canceling the fundraiser. Keep records of each correspondence you have with them. If they try to force you to pay, worst case scenario is they take you to small claims court and a judge decides how much you should pay. If there's a judgment against you, chances are it will be for less than $700. It likely would be for the amount your cancelation actually cost the company (eg $200 to print brochures) vs. how much they were charging you. I'm guessing it won't come to that, but if it does, don't shy away from small claims court. It's a way to get a fair judgment for everyone involved.

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