Question: parent flyer re:budget cuts in education

Comment: Read flyer (spanish form) Was not well translated. Can't send out to parents. I volunteer to translate flyers for you, our Spanish speaking parents deserve the best as well as all of our parents out there.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Thanks for letting us know. We do work with a professional translator, but that particular flyer was posted by a reader. The ones that we created that were professionally translated have a PTO Today label. We would love it if you would post a better translation of that flyer (or any others). It would be very helpful to all. I'd be happy to chat offline about this; just email me at

Community Advice

Tony120 writes:
Mothers and fathers across the nation are finding the expenses of keeping their kids in "free" public schools are increasing. Most are being asked to help with office supplies and other administrative staples, to help make up for educational budget cuts, even as their own earnings stay frozen, Parents take up slack from educational budget cuts.

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