Question: Photos of kids on PTO Website

Hi, we are a small PTO who just started its own website. On it we have a few photographs of groups of children attending PTO events. The children are not identified. I have seen kids photos on other PTO sites, however the School Board says under FERPA we have to remove. any thoughts?

Asked by lindakay27



Community Advice

badpants writes:
We have a clause that covers photos of students being used for promotional purposes for the school. We have ammended that to also include photos used on our website.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It depends on what your district policy is. Some districts don't allow photos of children at all. Others require that you have a signed release form. One way to do that, as Badpants suggests below, is to ask the school to include release language on registration materials. Parents sign a form agreeing to allow photos of their children in specific places -- school and PTO newsletter, website, yearbook, etc. By the way, it's usually children's faces that are the issue -- if the photos are taken from behind and they can't be identified, you might be all right. Also, an alternative is to post photos of volunteers having fun at your events. Even though the events are about the children, showing adults enjoying themselves while getting involved can be a strong message for your group.

Community Advice

kimmerie15 writes:
Definitely check your district policy. It may already include a clause about your children being photographed and used for "promotional" usage. Otherwise, include it in your school's handbook or PTO information. Make sure to get support from the principal so you have backup if any complaints come in.

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