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I'm the new president of the pto and have spent all day trying to gain access to bylaws that the previous president changed without discussion a week before school let out. I was vp and never heard a word about it. In addition at the very last meeting I was unable to attend, and apparently she added serveral co chairs that were never discussed or voted on. We voted in April, and when I called who is supposed to, be my secretary she informed me of the change and additional people. I'm VERY upset about this, because we had already voted an executive board into place , and I think its just going to confuse people about who's in charge of what. And as vp and incoming president I feel that I should have had a say in these decisions. Plus the minutes from the previous, two, meetings including the April election and may change up have conveniently!!!!!

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Rose H writes:
Wow, there's a whole lot going on here. It would seem that the executive board that was voted on in April should stand. Call this group together to go over what's happened. How did the meeting minutes disappear? I'm thinking the secretary would have them on her computer, plus she must have posted them on at least given copies to someone? Someone must have copies. The changes to the bylaws that the outgoing president made just don't count. You can't unilaterally make changes to bylaws. So, your group should revert back to the bylaws that existed before those changes. As the new president, it's time to take the reins, and set aside the changes the outgoing president made without authority.

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newpres33 writes:
I have to call a working meeting in 2 Weeks and cannot get the names info from the previous Co presidents. Its a very frustrating situation, when the previous secretary announced that she was stepping down down she missed the last two meetings, so that's why the minutes aren't there. The former president told me that if they aren't there I will have to make them up!! How do I approach this situation with the new board and maintain the original voted upon board without seeming like I'm on a power trip. The principal was fine with the bylaw changes and seemed not to realize that they needed to bee voted on. Help!

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Let's go back to what you first said "I'm the new president.'' You are! And it sounds like you are taking the right steps. You need to continue doing that and not worry that people are going to think you are on a power trip. You are just doing what you are supposed to do. When you have your meeting, point out that the changes to the bylaws are voided because proper procedures weren't followed. Let everyone know you'd certainly be open to changes if they need to be made, but that is something the entire group needs to be aware of and vote on. In terms of the missing minutes, then, I'd say there's o record of these other appointments and you may want your executive board to start fresh, look at what positions need to be filled and see what makes sense.

When you first take over as president, it can be nerve wracking, even when there's a good transition. You were thrown several curve balls, to say the least. Bring your team together, take care of one thing at a time and move forward.

If you need information on how bylaws are supposed to be amended, this article, How To Write PTO Bylaws, should help.

Good luck!

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