Question: Officer Induction

We are a new campus and need to know if there is a formal induction ceremony that needs to occur for the inductionof the new officers?

Asked by jnava



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Typically, your new officers take over as soon as the election is over. Some groups specify a date for the change-over in their bylaws, like June 1. There's no "official" induction ceremony that you need to run, and it's not necessary to have a ceremony at all. But if you think it would be a good idea for your group, by all means go for it. A short "thank you to everyone and best of luck to the new president" by the retiring president; a ceremonial passing on of the gavel, PTO T-shirt, rubber stamp, or other fun symbolic item; and a short "I look forward to a great year" presentation by the new president would be a nice touch. Avoid overdoing any ceremony, though. You don't want to make the positions seem too weighty, and you don't want to make the officers seem like they are "above" other parents in a way that will make people think the PTO is a clique.

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