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I'm in the process of writing an article about vol. school gardens. Do any PTOs out there have exp. w/this? Would you be willing to be intervwed for possible article?

Asked by ClayPTONews



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Craig writes:
From our conversation, I understand you're working on a query for PTO Today magazine. We look forward to seeing what you have in mind!

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ClayPTONews writes:
Hi Craig: Yes, I'm going to be working on that query today. Life got in the way the last two days with a sick child. Sorry for the delay.

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davidnelismom writes:
I am also working on a trying to start a school garden in my area. I am trying to work with our district as well as our local 4-H. We are a big military community and have started two gardens, one on post and one in the community from our local college in which I work with wounded warriors in the gardens. I am having problems trying to get started. Everyone thinks it is a great idea but they mention, CORE Curriculum or we have too much testing to incorporate another program and take the teachers time. Along with other excuses. They don't even want to here the benefits or how they could incorporate into the curriculum. And lastly they always mention, who will take care of during the summer, we don't have volunteers now, so how are you going to get people to help then.

I am not a quitter. I will let you know how things progress. I am looking at starting an afterschool 4-H program myself and use their gardening curriculum to get started.

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Naten writes:
Congratulations. I think you should pay attention to the garden layout planner. With their help, this process of organization can become much easier. After all, this manual contains a lot of useful information about when to start sowing, which plants to use for this, and in which places it is necessary to do it.

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