Question: Creating New Committee

I'm trying to create a three committees "Family to Family Giving", "Family Awareness" & "Partners in Education". Can you give me some pointers?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
What goals do you have for the three committees? It's not 100 percent clear just from the names what you're hoping they will do.

Community Advice

Firefly7071 writes:
Is the "Family to Family Giving" committee about families sponsoring less fortunate families like what people do with the Angel tree around Christmas time? I would like that committee. I would rather be donating my time and money to a good cause that is close to my inner circle. Blind donations to general organizations isnt very rewarding, but helping another family at your school. MUCH more fun. :) I also like the ideas of donations being strictly for the students and kids in the family. During tough times, no child should have to be without. In Maryland, I remember my sons school at the beginning of the year, you would buy a "supply kit" at the beginning of the year for your child. It was a kit that had their pencil box, binder, crayons, etc... It cost like $30. Then I was asked if I wanted to buy an additional one for another student? I said yes, give me 3 more. I figured I just did my fundraising for the year, and I just helped out 3 other students who's family could not afford the $30. I looked at it like..... Well, in the past I was given a huge list that included 10 gluesticks, 5 binders, etc... because I was obviously buying for the kids who didnt bring in stuff and it was just annoying. And that total was around $80 anyway. Now I have a tax deduction. :)

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