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What types of things need to be voted on at a General Meeting versus a Board Meeting?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
There isn't really a set answer to this -- it depends on how your group operates. Some groups have only occasional informational meetings, and the board handles most of the real business. Other groups have regular monthly meetings attended by a handful of regulars, and they do much of the group's major business at those meetings. There are only a few things that must be voted on by the membership -- primarily those are changes to the group's structure, such as bylaws changes. Your bylaws may specify other required votes, such as approval of an annual budget. It also probably makes sense to vote on things for which you want broad-based support, such as creating a major new program. Members have the right to vote on other items -- or change the board's decisions -- by adding topics to the agenda and moving for a vote. But in general you shouldn't be voting on which cookie dough company you want to choose for your fundraiser or whether the color scheme for the auction should be blue and white or green and yellow. Those types of nitty-gritty items are best handled by committees and the board. For best results, keep your general meetings short, friendly, and informational.

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