Question: Meeting & Bylaw questions

Does everyone have a board meeting (with board members motioning & details being discussed) and a 2nd general meeting? if yes - what is discussed at the general meeting? I'm thinking the general meeting is where you just inform the general members & the board meeting is where the business is conducted..... HELP!!!

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
There are at least a couple of different ways to conduct business. Many groups have a monthly board meeting and a monthly general membership meeting. Typically, in that model, the board sets goals and direction, committees do the detail work, and findings are presented to the general membership for approval at the general meeting. Another way to organize your group is to have regular board meetings and quarterly general membership meetings. In that model, the board conducts most of the business, and the general membership votes on broad items like the budget, bylaws changes, etc. In general, not everything needs to be approved by the membership, but it's a good idea to present anything that needs broad support -- your fundraising program, for example -- to your members before implementing it.

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