Question: Upcoming Elections

Our current by-laws have nothing in it concerning nominations for officers. At our January meeting it was announced what office positions would be available & also that the Board would be taking nominations by sealed envelope. The sealed envelopes would be opened at the March meeting & announced. Voting will be done at the April meeting. 24 hours before the nomination deadline, members are now asking are open floor nominations also going to be accepted. Does anyone know if the Board has to accept open floor nominations if it was announced sealed envelope?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
In this case, where you have a set policy for how nominations are to be submitted, you don't have to open up the floor for nominations. However, the members can vote to open up the floor -- ie, I believe they have the right to override the existing policy if they can muster a majority vote. I think I would lean toward inclusion -- if you have qualified candidates who want to run, give them a chance and let the voters decide.

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