Question: Grandparent Lunch Week

At my charter school of 102 students grades 1-6, we participate in Grandparent lunch week. We dedicate the entire week to grandparents being able to join their grandchild for lunch. I have never hosted this event, and Im looking for something "different" to do. I know the basics: flowers on tables, pictures being taken. But I want something MORE. Another idea for table decor, and something to give away to the grandparents. Sometimes the 1st graders have made little books for their gparent. What else can I do as the lead on this event. I want it to be the best GP lunch they have ever attended at our school.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
That sounds like a terrific event. This is maybe not quite what you're asking, but there are a couple of nice extras groups have done for grandparents day. One is a continuous slideshow presentation that includes every child in the school at least once. Another is valet parking -- it makes the event seem special, and it helps grandparents who might have mobility issues. Here's a link to a profile of one group's very successful grandparents day(350 grandparents attended) that might spark some ideas.

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