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I need some ideas on how to run a good membership drive, this is my first year doing a membership drive and I need a theme. Can anybody give me some ideas

Asked by misssha10



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bchase writes:
We've had a "Love and Joy" theme ( left chocolate kisses on chairs before we spoke at back-to-school night) A puzzle theme - stating we are stronger when we fit/work together ( left puzzle pieces on chairs) Last year our theme was "We will Rock You" ( had a kid-friend version of Queen's song on a 3 minute PTO DVD we played ) This new year our theme is "We are Family" ( we will have Sister Sledge's song on our 3 minute PTO DVD)

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pooh1069 writes:
We are using the Super Hero Theme using Spiderman or superman or even fireman and policeman just not sure how to represent this. I love the puzzle theme each family can have a puzzle piece on the wall with their name on it.

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caitydid writes:
We are using "Jump In and Join the P.T.A. We held our Open House last night and the first 25 to sign up received a free jump rope. The kids were begging their parents to sign up. We had a line through most of the evening of parents waiting to sign up. It did not matter that we ran out of the jump ropes, they still signed up!

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