Question: Nerf night!

I read a brief article about a group holding a "Nerf night" and I am interested in any ideas or information anyone can give me about how to go about it. It sounds interesting but all it said was that each person was welcome to bring Nerf guns.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I don't know the details of that particular night, but I think Nerf night sounds like a fun idea. I would probably set up various stations where kids tried their skills with Nerf toys -- throwing a football through a hoop, scoring as many baskets as possible in 30 seconds, hitting a target with a Nerf gun, etc. You could probably also have a pretty fun noncontact parents vs. kids Nerf football game.

Community Advice

5thorpes writes:
I actually had a birthday party for my son that was Nerf themed. We got cardboard boxes, taped them together to make hiding areas. We did use Nerf Tag. If you check and look for the video of Nerf Dew Tour, there is video of Nerf dart tag league with teams playing. This should give your some ideas. We also used felt material from the fabric store so we did not have to put out he money for individual vests.

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