Question: Does anyone use a blog site or other for pto discussions

Instead of 1000 emails back & forth, anyone know of a good blog site where we can all go to to discuss topics like welcome picnic location, fundraising etc.

Asked by Denisempi



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CMay2CK writes:
We do not, but I would love to hear suggestions as well. It would be great to have a single location to go to, and to be able to pull up old correspondence with ease.

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badpants writes:
One of our parents started a group on Facebook and invited any parent already on FB to join. I realize it may leave out those who are not on FB or have no wish to ever join, but how many of those parents have any desire to talk about a welcome picnic location?

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Ms.B writes:
I did a google search and found this site it looks like it may be something helpful for parent organizations. I have not had the opportunity to look through the website or check into it further, but thought I'd share (and bookmark for later scrutiny). I know there are some free websites and blogs that allow you to create a "community" which would be easy for everyone to put their comments and ideas into. Hope this helps!

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hammydee writes:
There are all kinds of free blogs available- google has a good one. I suggest a website for your group if you do not already have one- info is easily accessed there and you can run a blog on there as well. Again, google has free web services. Hope this helps!

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