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2010 will be my 1st year actually being on the PTO board, I work full time during the day-so im concerned that I wont be able to fullfill my responsibility for the Volunteer Cord. Most of the parents dont work so they are helping the school all the time...anyone have any suggestions??

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badpants writes:
I just completed my first year as a board member. Out of 5, 4 of our board worked full time and 3 of the 4 traveled as well. I would suggest one or even two good planning/strategy meetings before school starts and serious reliance on email. Plenty can get accomplished thru email. Start by emailing everyone to set up a prelim meeting in say, 2 or 3 weeks. In th email, ask every member to make a list of these things: 3 areas where your group could use some improvement and at least one idea to make the improvement. 3 goals to achieve for the year, it could be as simple as more effective communication with parents or streamline fundraising or make meeting more fun Have everyone bring their list to the meeting and plan from there. Also, make sure every board member has a copy of the by-laws prior tot he meeting and ask that they read thru them. If you don't have a mission statement, that could be a place to start as well. If you as aboard have a clear idea, a goal and a plan to get there, you'll be an effective board for your group and inspire confidence amoung them, even if you all you have is a few hours and a lot of email.

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bchase writes:
5 out of 5 of our execs work full-time and 80% of our 88 Chairs work full-time - we are finding busy people CAN get things done and it is not fair to think stay-at-home parents have a bunch of leisure time ( just not true ) There are software solutions to help with volunteer management and/or event-fundraising management to help with organization and communication. We use PTO

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