Question: 1-flyer per family distribution

we have a large school with 751 students. Unfortunately, over 60% of our families do not have computers at home so we have to send home flyers in the student backpacks. We have a great recycling program at school. I would like our PTA to help reduce paper waste by sending only 1 flyer home. I would love to know how other PTAs do that.

Asked by Nilam



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's not unusual for groups to send flyers how with just the oldest or just the youngest child in a family. The principal should have a family list that you can use if he'll share it. You would give each teacher a list of who gets the fliers, or you would put names on the fliers and a room volunteer would distribute them.

Community Advice

sashlina writes:
Don't forget about double siding half sheets. Or using quarter sheets for events. They really are larger than you think; just use neon paper so they don't get lost in the shuffle, like neon yellow. Or better yet, check with the school and use a color they don't stock and then inform the families that the small flyers will come home in that color only so they are on the lookout.

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