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We recently signed up to sell the Entertainment Books as our fundraiser. It is the first time we are selling them. Because we do not have a local rep, someone from our organization needs to lead the kickoff meeting. The rep is willing to give that person a gift card. Any ideas on how to present to students? There will be two assemblies K-2 and 3-5. Help!

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bblake writes:
Maybe start out by handing each student a piece of paper when they enter (or are seated). Some of the papers will have the name of a place/restaurant on it. Engage the kids in where it is, hours, what to do there, etc. Tailor the places to the grade levels and what is in the book they might enjoy. Then go into the information about the fundraiser.

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blueaussieshep writes:
Here are some samples of Kick Offs that the Entertainment Team put together. It may give you an idea of what to do. I can tell you, just keep it simple. Get the main message across (what are you selling? How much is it? Don't sell to strangers..) if you have any of the prizes, hold them up for the kids to see. It shoudn't last more than 5-6 minutes. Do a few repeats so they kids can scream out answers. "What are we selling?" kids reply "the Entertainment Books". What's the $ going to? kids reply "the playground". "Who do we NOT sell to?" kids reply "strangers". For my kickoff's I would pull 1 or 2 kids up on stage and ask them random questions - Who is the President of the US? What day is it today? again, What are we selling? How much is it? If they answer correctly they get a token gift. Also - a HUGE request I do - tell them to put the Book in the refridgerator when they get home. (thus, not all parents check back packs), but the kids think it's hysterical and they remember to do it. This can raise the participation level quite a bit, as all parents do at some point look in the refridgerator and now there is a fundraiser going on! Good Luck! Live KO: (2010 Entertainment Fundraising – Live Kick-Off) Live MID-SALE: (2010 Entertainment Fundraising – Mid-Sale) Principal Announcement: (2010 Entertainment Fundraising – Principal Announcement)

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maylisa writes:
Blueaussieshep - Thanks for the ideas. If I have to do it again or any other fundraiser kickoff, I will be sure to use your ideas! It certainly seems more fun then what I wound up doing.

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