Question: How to create a yearbook survey

Our school only offers yearbooks for 5th graders and we get questions about why not the whole school parents are willing to purchase a yearbook for their child but the principal at our school would like to see a survey of parents who would like this before we move foward with making one for this next school year. My questions is how would I create a survey for this to hand out to the parents?

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mum24kids writes:
Sounds like the only question is "would you be interested in buying a yearbook?" so you could simply send out a yes/no questionnaire and see how many people respond, and that way you would at least have a general idea of the level of interest. But for the benefit of the people who have never seen one, you might add in some description first, like: "The yearbook includes portraits of all students in the school by grade, as well as all the teachers and staff. It also includes photos of school clubs, and many candid photos of various school activities. This year, the price was $15." You'd obviously have to modify that as appropriate, but it would at least give people a little information to go on. If the principal is concerned about printing too many and being on the hook for them, you could do what our school does: we take orders in March and April and only buy enough yearbooks for what people have ordered.

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