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Our PTF (parent Teacher Fellowship) is now responsible for raising money for Classroom Funds (those items for the classrooom - over and beyond what is supplied by the parents that teachers have to pay for out of their pockets) We are a Christian/ Private school so we rely on funding for this.... ANY suggestions for a summer fundraiser?? I am big on thinking "out of the box" and having "practical" fundraisers. Since school just ended my means of promoting are word of mouth, facebook and email. Help?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Summer is tough because so many people are out of town. Do you have a July 4 parade or other summer community festival where you can sell refreshments, spiritwear, etc.? I have heard of groups that run successful community events of their own in the summer, but that takes a lot of advance organization.

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badpants writes:
Is this something that is limited to summer, or has it just landed in your lap and you have the summer to pull it all together? A community rummage sale might do the trick. Spring and summer are prime months for rummage sales. You can use your school cafeteria or maybe a church basement. Pick a weekend. Put out the word to your school and church that you will be taking donations on XYZ dates between the hours of A - Z, ideally 2 or 3 days prior to your event. have volunteers sort donations into catagories, like Housewares or Clothing. We handed out a flyer to customers that was printed with prices for general items, like coats $7 or children's clothing $3, books $1, which saved a lot of manpower having to tag thousdands of items. Aside from needing a lot of volunteers, I would also advise lining up someone to come a nd pick up any unsold items. Or, asking your parents with trucks to volunteer to load up and drop off unsold items at Goodwill or similar place.

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ptfmom writes:
I like both ideas- unfortunately the commuity event is this weekend and school just ended yesterday so BAD timing. *Thinking of setting up a lemonade stand outside our local grocery store a couple weeks on Friday afternoons (not alot of investment and not alot of voluneers needed and we can take turns- this would yeild some funds) ** I like the yard sale idea (we diid it at Christmas 2 years ago for another project and it went great **I do need to have some funds available aroundt back to school and our booster club hits the first week back with their big fundraiser (coupon books) so I do not want to do any to overlap that one so.... I want to try something over the summer... Thanks and keep ideas coming!!! Scrapbook workshop??

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Inez writes:
Hi, the ideas sound helpful so far. Don't give up, this is a journey for most organizations. How about hosting a Flea Market at your church or a space where vendors can purchase a table from you for a low fee for the day. Hosting "talent sales", have members offer their skills like (baby sitting, car washing, dog walking, cookie baking, etc.) for a small donation to generate funds. I believe the key is to offer something of value to people, they are more likely to give in return. All is well in your outcome. Take care

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Sellstar writes:
Our group has had success at Spirit Nights during the summer. Ice cream shops, pizza, hot dog shops all make great spirit night locations during the summer. Utilize your parent email list to contact during the summer and get people there. Get a sound system and generate excitement with music and games. Have a give away or two. Make Spirit Nights fun and an event...our group raised over $3000 on Spirit Nights this year!

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juliam writes:
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traceym writes:
If you have a county fair during the summer that can be a big fundraiser. Also, try online fundraisers, send home or mail flyers to parents and post flyers around town.

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