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Is it legal in a public school for a PTO to restrict voting rights, committee chair positions, and executive committee positions only to those parents who pay membership dues?

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bchase writes:
hmmm - I'm not sure I'd use the word "legal" but definitely preferred. We have it stated in our bylaws you must be a paid member in order to take a leadership position, Chair or executive. Voting is only handled by our 5 executives also stated in the bylaws.

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MVStudio writes:
I've seen two versions. 1) Only Paid members are allowed to vote, and most everything is brought to vote at monthly membership meetings. 2) Membership is free to all parents, but voting is restricted to their large Executive Board of 19 which includes the officers and Standing Committee Chairs. Personally, I prefer the first as it is a separate organization than the public school and although it benefits all the children at the school, only those actively involved (paying members) have the ability to make decisions and run the organization.

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