Question: Best way to organize a meet and greet with the PTO Board

Im looking for ideas on how to organize a meet and greet for the parents to attend to meet the PTO board and learn about all the wonderful things we do for the students and teachers

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
A meet-and-greet event is a great idea! You could set up a morning coffee for one month and then do an evening get together the next month. (This way, you are accommodating the different schedules parents have.) Keep it casual. Invite parents by asking them to come share their ideas. Yes, you want to let them know about your group, but it helps a lot to get parent feedback. Plus, this helps parents feel included. You can put together an updated list of the things your group has done so far this year and what's scheduled for the remainder of the year.

Good luck!


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