Question: what do children do?

does any PTO involve the children they make the choices for? I would really like to know if the kids really have any say to what happens to them. And how it could change.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
We encourage parent groups to get children involved. It will help foster a sense of community for the children and you might find their insights are very helpful. As an example, who better to tell you what would or would not be fun in a new playground design than the children who will be using it? The trick is in understanding when they should weigh in and when a discussion is best left to the adults. For example, the children probably shouldn’t decide if there will be a class activity night, but they could vote on a theme for the event from a selection of themes provided by the PTO. This way, they have real input, but they aren’t running the show. Another technique is to have the children elect a representative who can attend your meetings and provide the children’s feedback on activities. Hope this helps!

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