Question: How long does it take to get tax exempt status?

Once we mail in the form with the payment how long does it take to get the letter back with the tax exempt number?

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Rockne writes:
Hi j - Couple of things: 1. There really is no such thing a s atax exempt number (at the federal level, at least). What you get is an EIN (employer identification number -- that anyone can get in a day), and then you apply for non-profit status for that number/organization. If approved, you get a letter saying so, but there's no new number and no number alone that signifies non-profit. 2. The IRS seems to be quite backed up right now. We're hearing 6 months+ right now for approvals. The good news is that doesn't mean you can't operate. Approvals are retroactive to your start date (or your application date if you have an older group), so you can act/operate like a non-profit while your application is in process. Tim

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threeeeput writes:
Not sure about the IRS being backed up, because I applied in mid-June for our tax-exempt status, and we got our approval letter at the beginning of August, so for us it was under two months. Good luck!!

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jenjolee writes:
So if I am soliciting donations for a silent auction the EIN number should be on the donation letter to allow them to deduct it as a charitable contribution?

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