Question: First Day of School Balloon Poem?

A few years ago I found a poem online and now I cant find it when I need it! I have tried Google, but i think it may have come from one of the PTO today members. It was a poem that you would type out and attach to a balloon and each new kindergarten student would give it to thier parent right before they walked into school the first day. Someone about hold on tight and dont let go. Anyone???

Asked by PTOCherry



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Craig writes:
Hi Cherry -- I'm glad you brought this up. I remember that poem as well, and it is terrific. We first ran it in 2004, believe it or not. I posted it on the message boards, because formatting is limited on this page. It's called Children Are Like Balloons.

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PTOCherry writes:
Craig - thank you so much for your reply and for that balloon poem. While it isnt the one I was looking for I may use it because it is so very sweet! Thank you! julie aka ptocherry

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