Question: Students/Selling Fundraiser - who decides

Does anyone have kids who attend a school where the kids are not allowed to participate in selling items for a fundraiser sponsored by the PTO? If so, who has the authority to determine whether these kids are allowed to sell or not sell?

Asked by fyrbug08



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badpants writes:
I would say the PTO, if it is their fundraiser, has the right to determine if the students are allowed or not allowed. I will add, running any kind of program, that is geared toward student selling and banning the student from selling will defeat the purpose. These types of programs can be very successful if run properly. My school runs this type, however it is not a PTO fundraiser. It is run by the administration. Parents chair the event and participate, but do not recieve the profit directly. I know most companies that offer a catalog fundraiser no longer encourage students selling door to door. Is is possible that your PTO means they also do not encourage door to door sales?

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