Question: Previous President still wants to be President.

I am having trouble with the previous years President talking down to me in meetings and just being rude. She says stuff like, "well that's not what I would do, but you do whatever you want" and "No, that's not how we're going to do it." After the first meeting I was so upset I wanted to quit. I had several friends call and say they were sorry she was so rude to me. Everyone is afraid of her because she is a cop! Today she pulled the same stuff! How can I handle this without hurting her feelings? Or making her mad at me? I really can't be president if I come home crying from every meeting!

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Firefly7071 writes:
Have you spoken to her privately? Most people lash out when they feel threatened or insecure about something. She obviously wants to still be a part of the decision making of the PTA, was there something in previous years that she seemed to be the front running in? Maybe she could be in charge of a specific event. If she feels like she could do something better than you, then maybe she can. Let her do it. The goal of the PTA is to bring people together and to have success in events. She cant be a successful president, because that is your job now, but she could allow herself to shine and get the attention that she wants on a specific event. I personally like to be recognized for my hard work, so I volunteer to do something that I know I could probably do better than anyone else, I do our schools website and newsletter. Now I am not competing with other volunteers.

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