Question: Pink Shirt Day & Anti-Bullying

We want to really make a big deal about Pink Shirt Day & Anti-Bullying but I'm not finding very many ideas appropriate for elementary aged kids. What do other schools do?

Asked by Crothers



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I had to look up Pink Shirt Day. For others like me who hadn't heard of it, it's an anti-bullying day that originated in Canada. It began, I believe, after a publicized incident in which an elementary school boy was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. I'm not sure how popular it is in the U.S. at this point -- breast cancer awareness seems to have cornered the market on pink as a symbol -- but I'm all for anti-bullying awareness. I know one school in Massachusetts last spring held a no name-calling day. I like the idea that character education programs use of reinforcing good behavior -- giving out "caught being helpful" stickers, for example. You could also bring in an interactive anti-bullying program. You might also consider running a Family Tech Talk event for parents. Family Tech Talk covers the issue of online bullying.

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