Question: Roller Rink Event

Does our PTO need insurance to sponsor a roller-skating event at the local roller rink. The children will have to bring a minor permission slip issued by the rink. The rink will not provide insurance, and it is not a school event. Thank you!

Asked by Winnie



Advice from PTO Today

pmullen writes:
As you describe this event, it would not be covered. The rink must have insurance and list your parent group as an additional insured on its policy. Please read the information below taken from the insurance FAQs on the PTO Today website: For the following activities to be covered by your insurance they must have supervision and be held at a facility that has appropriate insurance or with a vendor who has appropriate insurance and names your parent group as an additional insured. Alcohol, when served at functions Bounce Houses Dunking Booths Inflatable Slides Moon Walks Rock Climbing Walls Skating Rink (Roller and Ice) Ski School/Programs Swim Parties

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