Question: What to hold raffle tickets in?

We are holding a basket raffle in about a week, but are at a loss for what we can use for people to put their raffles into. We want something inexpensive and uniform... we have 18 raffles. Any ideas?

Asked by SHayesMiller



Advice from PTO Today

egraham writes:
I've seen raffle tickets collected in all kinds of cheap containers, like shoeboxes covered in wrapping paper, with a small hole in the top, or big plastic jars like you might buy food in at a warehouse store. You could also use flower vases, although that may not be a good idea if you'll have kids around! Good luck!

Community Advice

piggie73 writes:
We use 1 pound coffee cans. We covered them with nice colored construction paper and put a number on each one. We also cut a hole in the cover to put the tickets in. It is something we can use over again.

Community Advice

meredithstarr writes:
This is our 3rd year to do a raffle instead of a silent auction. We use gift bags in front of each item to collect the raffle tickets. We are able to reuse them each year and they store easily. Meredith at Kilough Elem in Georgia

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