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I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a company to do school supply boxes for back to school. We've used Staples in the past and have had a low turn out - the feedback we've received is that the prices were too high. We want to offer them again next year, but I'm wondering what other companies people have worked with, and how your experience has been with them and the turnout.

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mum24kids writes:
I've used both EPI and SchoolKidz (Staples) in the past, and found the SchoolKidz pricing to be a little bit better and think they are better to work with generally overall. But really not a lot to complain about with EPI, either. We always ran this type of thing as a service rather than a fundraiser--we took the prices we got from the companies and just rounded them up to the next dollar. And some people did still think they were too expensive, but other parents were so happy to have the service that they never complained. We never had a ton of sales, but kept doing it for the few parents who really appreciated it.

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