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Has anyone had the issue of having noone interested in a postion? We have a VP position open and it has to be a kindergarten parent, for our campus is only K and 1st. I have the President from last year filling in for the time being, but after sending out nomination forms, and having an open meeting noone wants the positon. What is the next step? What do I do if noone wants this positon?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If necessary, you leave the position open. It's not that unusual as groups go through ups and downs to have a time when you can't fill an office. As the year goes on, you might have someone who becomes more involved who will be willing to step up. Maybe you can even pinpoint that potential person now and work to make her feel more comfortable about taking an officer job. Usually people don't want to volunteer because they're afraid of the black hole of never-ending time commitment. Another issue is that they may feel unprepared to handle the job. You can address these issues by defining the job duties and time commitment as specifically as you can, and showing your potential officer that she won't be on an island trying to do her job alone. Create a binder with resources to help her do her job. Show her that people who have held the job before (or at least are veterans and know what's what) will be there to help when she needs them. If you confront these objections at the outset, you'll have a better chance of getting a "yes."

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leschner writes:
We had to have co-presidents this year. Noone wanted the full responsibility.

Community Advice

SFAPTO writes:
We let everyone know that the current "temp VP" and I would be there to make sure she understands everything that goes on, and answer any questions, and still help. I had no intentions of just "throwing" them into the snake pit and running for the hills. :) And we have let everyone know that we are just a phone call away, anytime, anyday, we will be there. I have tried to make these people feel comfortable, but noone wants a commitment right now. Even if it is for the good of the kids and the school! at wits end!!! lol

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