Question: Redistricting-Trading Students

Our school board has recently approved a plan where 77% of our students will be redistricted from our elementary school. 63% will be moved to one school and the other 14% will be moved to two other schools. Meanwhile, the school that is absorbing our 63% will be sending 49% of its students to our school. 100% of our PTO board members will be transferring to the first school and we have no current interest from any of the remaining 23% to take over the PTO. People have asked me if, being independent from the school district, we could take our PTO organization & funds to the new school, while the incoming students bring their PTO with them. Is this even possible?

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
Sounds like a time with lots of transition for your board and school. It *is* possible to do as you asked, but best practice would be to make these changes by mutual agreement/voting to reallocate. As well, if the PTOs are in effect “swapping” to the other school, each will need to amend the existing bylaws (at the new school) for the incoming group. In other words, if Smith PTO was at Smith School and Jones PTO was at Jones School – and now Smith will be at Jones and Jones will be at Smith – Smith PTO can’t just step in with the bylaws it had at Smith School; it’ll have to amend the bylaws that already exist at Jones (as Jones PTO will have to do at Smith).
Best of luck during these changes. - Liz from PTO Today

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