Question: label collection

What different companies have programs for label collection for schools? I know of Campbell's, General Mills Box Tops and Tyson...anything else?

Asked by jennyjo97



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
My Coke Rewards for Schools is a major program. Others are either regional products, not particularly geared well to schools, or fairly small programs. The best of these programs include a lot of products and are putting real marketing dollars behind making them work for schools. You'll get more for your efforts if you push harder on a program like that than try to get involved in a lot of small efforts that won't yield much. It's the reason that the Box Tops and Campbell's programs have been so strong for so long.

Community Advice writes:
I'm our chairperson for cash task force and besides what you have named we also do Sunny D and just started Terracycle. A recycling program where you collect items and get paid to Sunny D 20 labels=20 books also a great program. Terracyle I just learned and signed up for so I do not have alot of imput re the program, but the rest are remarkable programs. Hopefully your question w/ help us all learn how to earn with everyday items instead of the fundraiser question. I would like to invite everyone to "Brainstsorm" this subject and see how many programs we could come up with.

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