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We are having a Family Fittness night and I am looking for ideas on how to organize it and have it run smoothly. Also wondering where I could find some free info for some health tips to send home with families

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ICS_Parent writes:
Do a Zumba Party Event. The Zumba instructors can do it for free. All you have to do is go the Zumba website and contact a local instructor or go to your local gym and ask to speak with a Zumba instructor about doing an event at your school. Good luck! :)

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Lissap2004 -- A fitness night is such a great idea and Zumba can be a blast! Also, we happen to have an article on that very topic! It will give you tips on how to organize a fitness night as well as some ideas for specific games and activities to include. There's also a link to our File Exchange (which has lots of free downloadable documents) that has some materials for Healthy Kids.  Have a great fitness night!

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CPerry writes:
Hi, I just finished organizing a Health and Fittness night for our school and here is what we have so far. We have 5 fitness stations: 1. Parachute play 2. Parent/Student Beach Ball Volleyball 3. Bowling - We have a HUGE lawn bowling game that we're going to set up in a long hall. 4. One of our teachers is going to run a small exercise routine in her room. 5. We've invited a local Zumba instructor to come in and show/lead the kids in a dance. And we have 5 Wellness Stations 1. Glitter Germs - We use glitter covered wands to show the kids how fast germs spread and how warm soapy water is the only way to get rid of them. 2. Lice Awareness - Our school nurse will be teaching the kids and parents about this topic. 3. Choose My Plate - Materials received from will be distributed while the kids cut out pictures of healthy foods and glue them to their 'plates'. 4. Got Milk - The kids will paint on a milk mustache and have their picture taken against our homemade Got Milk poster board. 5. Oral Hygiene - A local Dentists office is coming in to demonstrate good toothbrushing skills and will be giving the kids free toothbrushes. We've also invited a few local businesses in to give away samples, a vitamin rep will give away vitamin samples, a local chiropractor will be giving moms and dads a five minute mini massage, a local orgainic soap store will be giving away free samples and coupons. Students will be given a map of the event, each station will have a stamp. If the students get at least 7 stamps on their map, they will be given a certificate of completion. 10 stamps will garner them a small flying disc prize. Stations will last 10 minutes each with our principal announcing over the P.A. when to switch. It came together really fast and everyone is looking forward to it quite a bit. It took me a couple of afternoons to organize with the help of a few teachers who had already done some of the Wellness stations before. Set up should take about 1/2 hour, the event will be 2 hours and clean up should be another 1/2 hour. Still a few weeks away so I'm always looking for things to add to make it even more fun. Good luck with your night!

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Gisella writes:
Is the PE teacher willing to be involved? If so the gym and other open places in your school where there can be a variety of stations for all ages. We had a jump rope area, shoot hoops area you got 3 chances from the free throw line, wall climbing, zumba, and sports conditions circut which is posted on you tube from that night if you look up madrona family fitness. We had music playing in the gym and parents and children all got involved, and when you entered you got a raffle ticket for the end we talked about the importance and gave away balls, helmets, jump ropes and other misc stuff. I can send more detailed info about it if you like?

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