Question: Current PTO is highly ineffective

The PTO in the school is a group of friends/family that is very disorganized and does not seem to be trying to help the kids or the school. They acknowledge that there is a president, VP…etc but then they don’t know who is holding what office. They haven’t the first clue of Roberts Rules, yet “try” to use it during meetings. (They think “Seconding a motion” approves the motion) Basically, I have a list longer than my arm about what they should be doing and where they are lacking. They have not set specific meeting times but, through a flier 1 day in advance, we know they are holding a meeting on Tuesday. My goal is to take over the elected President office during this meeting. I do not know if they have by-laws, as I have never seen any. I am wondering if there is etiquette that I should follow in this situation. During the 4 years I have been at this school, there has never been a functioning and competent PTO.

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Mrs. K writes:
Are they holding an election of officers during this pto meeting? If not it may be a little tricky. You will need (should need) a motion to elect. Good Luck!

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miamommyof3 writes:
Hello, Thanks for the answer. I believe they are aware I think the job is not getting done. They also know I would like to take the presidents office. However, I believe they are trying to bury their heads and just not bring it up. There is no mention of an election. I am trying to gather parents I know will back me up but since their meeting was announced so last minute it is proving difficult. I would motion for the reorganization of the PTO, then motion for an Election next meeting; but then they would have time to get the rest of their family to the meetings and it would be a big bust.

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Craig writes:
Does the group have any bylaws, maybe that were put in place before the current clique took over? The most effective way to force them to hold elections and generally do business in a more organized way might be to demand compliance with the bylaws. Also, when you do that, you might make sure you have a copy of Robert's Rules of Order handy so you can't be railroaded. Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied is a good plain English version. The one issue with all of this is that it's certainly going to be confrontational and is likely to cause a lot of hard feelings. If your group isn't getting anything accomplished, then it's probably worth it. But go in with your eyes open. Good luck!

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