Question: Removal of Neighborhood Schools

I am currently active in my school districts PTO, The district has 4 pto's one for each elementary school. The district is considering moving away from neighborhood schools and towards a school handling K-2 and others handling 3-5. What do you view the impact on the various PTO's with different programs would be?

Asked by Huffman



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
In some ways, it makes things easier. If you hold a movie night, it's easier to choose a movie that appeals to just k-2 or just 3-5 than k-5. Likewise, learning activities, afterschool clubs, assemblies, etc. can be more targeted. If your district covers multiple towns so that some students and their parents will be traveling a good distance to the school, that's a consideration in building involvement and scheduling events. If you do end up merging PTOs from various schools, you'll have a transition time -- it will help if you get officers from each of the PTOs together during the spring or summer before the transition. The goal is to come together on the things you can agree on rather than being separated by the fact that each group tends to do things a little differently. It also helps to create some new school traditions that will be unique to the new school (rather than carried over).

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