Question: Bylaws and issues

HI!! We have a new PTO president. However, PTO seems to be falling by the wayside and being only for a few select members. Things are being done without voting and bylaws are not being followed thru' from the last set of bylaws we constructed. Any ideas of what to do and how to approach?

Asked by CC3



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
One thing you can do is to attend the meetings with a copy of the bylaws and point out when they are being violated. You might also attend the meetings with a few other people who think like you do. That way you can call for a vote on items that should be voted on. Having support among the group will give you more weight and not let them treat you like a crank. Sometimes nobody works at building involvement because deep down they don't really want help. When more people get involved, they come with their own ideas on how to do things. That requires leadership and compromise and management skills from the president/board. On the other hand, if a president does everything herself, of with a few friends, there's nobody to question what she does and no need to deal with other people's ideas and egos. I hope this isn't the case for your group, but if it is, you might be best off putting together a slate of candidates for the next election.

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