Question: How do I call a special meeting or is that even what I do?

2 meetings ago I was asked to check into the costs and etc. of doing a yearbook for our school. I did, and at our last meeting I explained everything I have for info but it was not tabled or voted on and this is something we need to start NOW if its to be done right. Do I request a special meeting (I am Secretary and I have the support of the Treasurer and V.P.) or do I wait until our next meeting at the end of January and bring it up again?

Asked by cyrisez



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Craig writes:
Typically either the president or a majority vote of the board (or both) can call a special meeting. You need to give proper notice to members and, of course, you need a quorum to do business. The procedure should be spelled out in your bylaws. My understanding from parliamentary experts is that Robert's Rules doesn't have a provision for special meetings, so officially you can't call one unless the procedure is written into your bylaws. For most PTOs and PTAs, I don't think it's necessary to act with that degree of formality. If you need a meeting to get something important done, go ahead and call one.

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cyrisez writes:
That makes sense. Thank you!

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Larry Wide-Butt writes:
What if i call uh spayshul meetin an i have two run take uh dump in stead?

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