Question: No parents or teachers at PTO meetings

How do I get parents and teachers to come to our PTO meetings?

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Community Advice

CatGirl writes:
Put your PTO meeting with something else; a family fun night, adult ed. night, some other function. Keep your meeting MOVING and keep it fun...have coffee/cookies/ some sort of refreshment. If word gets out that your meetings are upbeat, focused and fun, maybe that will encourage parents to give it a try.

Community Advice

Joaniebolognie writes:
SO many parents want to volunteer in one way or another BUT feel they don't have the time to attend a meeting OR have some false assumptions of what a meeting is like. Change it up a bit...move the next mtg to a "pizza joint" in town and have a QUICK mtg while the pizzas are being made. (PTO does NOT pay for dinner!) Just like our kids get intimidated or nervous for the first day of school so do parents for their first PTO mtg.

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