Question: New Principal with a lot of changes

I have 2 children who attend a state funded pre-school who happen to rent a classroom from an elementary school. This is our 2nd year with the pre-school and have been enjoying it, until now There is a new principal this year who seems to be changing everything and picking on the pre-school. For example, us parents pick up our children in front of the school in the yellow loading and unloading zone. She had demanded that the pick up zone is for emergency vehicles only and we are NOT allowed to pick up there. I was wondering if there was anything at all I could do (I was told there wasn't)to be involved and have a say because I think she is trying to establish herself as principal and picking on the pre-school.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Principals have a lot of issues that they have to worry about, and their typical complaint is that parents don't understand the big picture. Approach the principal in a reasoned and businesslike way. Show her that you're seeking solutions to legitimate problems rather than simply complaining (or what she would interpret as complaining). It's important not to get emotional. Read the article Negotiating With the Principal for more information. If you show her that you're approaching issues in a professional way, she is much more likely to listen and help seek a solution.

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