Question: Is pto required to do an event as per the Assistant Principle at the school?

Is pto required to do an event as per the Assistant Principle at the school?

Asked by reverett



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Well, it depends. What type of event is it? Are you an independent group? What's the relationship you currently have with the administration? Here's the thing: Try balancing everything out. Will refusing to do the event cause a big rift with the administration and, if so, would that cause future problems for your group? If so, is that ok to live with? If not, think of a way to meet the administration at least half way on this. Maybe you can change up the idea a bit if it doesn't suit your group. Also, ask yourself if this is an event that your group would likely do anyway? Then maybe consider it. If it is a major departure from anything you would do and is in any way a conflict of interest, then you would be in good standing to turn it down. In the end, you weigh the pros and cons of doing it, not doing it and make the best move for your group.

Community Advice

reverett writes:
We just completed two fundraisers and have not received the bills for them. Our PTO never uses any funds until bills are paid. During our pto meeting this was discussed. Although, the Assistant Principle said, we will have a Halloween dance, even after discussing the outstanding bills. I have never had problems with the admin at this school and do not want to begin having them, but I feel that I am being placed in situation that I do not want to be in.

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