Question: Where do we go when parents suspect theft?

I am one of a group of moms who have heard on many occasions that money is missing from the PTO. At our meetings, the budget never makes sense and can not be questioned. Having been a treasurer for a few years I am pretty familiar of what needs to be done and it is very clear something is going on. Who do we speak to and request an audit? It was brought to the districts attention and nothing was done, where do we go now!

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Gather support from a number of parents who feel like you do. Attend a meeting together and make a motion that the books be audited. Don't let the issue drop -- bring a copy of Robert's Rules, if necessary, to show that the president can't dismiss a motion from the floor without voting on it. Before you do this, it would be worth taking to other board members and the principal to express your concerns and gather their support. Even if there's no wrongdoing going on, mismanagement of funds can cost your group dearly. It's very important to keep the books in order, and they should be audited (carefully reviewed) every year. You might also print out the articles 5 Smart Financial Controls and Annual Audit: How and Why and bring them to the meeting as independent support for your position. Good luck.

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